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Series of meters for Angle and Rotation measurements in different formats, pulse multiplication and logging data to file. 5 or 10 volt for the sensor, long sensor line receiver. Alarms outputs, Autozero, Sensor voltage and current measurement, motor drive function, prepared for servo function. Alpha meters can handle sensors from 100 up to 40 000 increments per turn with sensor signals up to 600 kHz (18 000 rpm for 2 000 incr/turn sensor). Standard USB 2 interface. CPLD based design. Comodo certified software. CE certification.

Engineer to engineer

communication through

custom design development

FPGA, CPU, Detection, Filtering,

Analog and digital Simulation,

PCB Layout

Robust products from merging

modern digital/analog electronics

with mechanics and software

  • User friendly software
  • Advanced System Functionality
  • Tested hardware and software
  • Environment aware design and production
  • Reliable Custom Support

Alpha Software v 1.02


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